Traveling or living abroad can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can also create (or exacerbate) mental health challenges. Be it culture shock, language barriers, or the lack of family and friends nearby, you may find yourself needing some support. Working with a qualified CBT therapist can help you learn new skills and techniques to confront the mental health issues that you are facing.

Is therapy for me?

Whether facing life changes, stress, or feeling stuck, therapy offers a supportive space to explore and grow. It's about empowerment, not weakness.

Perhaps you're wondering if you even need therapy. Sometimes, in times of crisis or when facing life changes, it is obvious. Other times, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, as if you are being slowly worn down in a mental health battle against anxiety or depression

In either case, therapy is tailored specifically for you (as opposed to self help books or podcasts) providing you with a roadmap to navigate emotions and challenges, gaining tools for a happier, more balanced life. It's a chance to invest in yourself, uncover strengths, and gain clarity.

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