cbt group therapy

learn skills and strategies for coping with others

Depending on demand, we can form groups to discuss a wide variety of issues. Each group would consist of 10 or 12 group sessions and an individual pre-group screening session. The groups will focus on the development of CBT skills that have shown to be effective.

Group therapy is a cost-effective alternative to individual therapy. Individualized treatment in the context of a group setting can be a powerful therapeutic experience. The groups will provide participants with a safe and supportive environment that can be the foundation for durable change.

Group Description Day/time
Loss Loss can include bereavement, a change in stats, or receiving a medical diagnosis that will change how you live. Therapy of course cannnot change your circumstances - but it can help you adapt and learn to cope. T.B.A.
Depression Group members will learn how to apply cbt principles in their lives in order to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger guilt or shame. A cost effective alternative to individual psychotherapy or as an adjunct to treatment with psychotropic medications. T.B.A.
Anxiety Empirically based group sessions include psychoeducation, ongoing monitoring of progress, graduated and prolonged exposure, cognitive restructuring, anxiety management, weekly between session, homework assignments, relapse prevention. T.B.A.
Addiction Talking about addiction has proven to be an effective coping mechanism.You will also develop strategies to cope with addiction and possibly help others who are having similar issues T.B.A.
Stress Managment Learn strategies to cope with stress from work, toxic relationships, internal pressure from negative self-talk, or unresolved conflicts. T.B.A.

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