Behaviours that depression hides behind

Depression is often thought of as sadness - but a more accurate description is a loss of vitality, a loss of the desire to be alive, a loss of interest in the things you previously enjoyed. Vitality is replaced by avoidance of activity and a preference to crawl under the covers and hibernate. When this behaviour lasts for weeks, it can be described as a depressive episode. Loved ones may fail to understand that you can't just shake it off.

There are many less obvious behaviours which can "mask" depression.

Are you relying on any of the following to help cover up depression?

  • Always putting others before yourself
  • Not getting close to others or letting them get close to you
  • Always showing excessive politeness and self-apology to others
  • Avoiding taking responsbility or making decisions
  • Avoiding giving an opinion or expressing preference
  • Keeping the home excessively tidy
  • Always doing things to an exceptionally high standard
  • Working excessively to the detriment of family, friends, leisure
  • Avoiding anything that is upsetting, distressing or anxiety provoking

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